Tecnologia in Laboratorio Analisi

S.A.R.S. CoV-2

TARGETLAB Diagnostici proposes a whole series of diagnostic aids for the correct classification of the S.A.R.S. CoV-2:
- S.A.R.S. CoV-2 Real Time PCR kit (to ascertain the positivity to the virus)
- Universal Extraction kit (extraction kit for nucleic acids)
- Nasopharyngeal swab with inactivating agent
- Qualitative salivary antigenic rapid test
- Qualitative Salivary Viral RNA Rapid Test
- Classic qualitative antigenic rapid test
- ELISA test Neutralizing antibodies on quantitative serum
- ELISA test IgG Antibodies/ IgM / IgA on quantitative serum.

In the Molecular Biology tab, in the Products section of the site, you can find the instruments and a complete line of kits in Real Time PCR.

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